A how-to-guide on removing old window tints

Window tints are an investment of car owners to protect themselves and ensure the longevity of their vehicles. However, tint films cost a lot. The window tinting prices in Columbus GA depend on the quality that an owner wants to avail.  Generally, cheap quality films have a short life span and can be purchased at a low cost. Conversely, premium quality tints last longer and are availed at a high cost.

But whether you avail premium or cheap quality tint films, it will eventually deteriorate especially when it is highly exposed to sunlight. To avoid mess and accidents, window tints must be removed and replaced.

The five indications that tell you when it is time to remove or replace your films are the following:

  • Bubbles and Air bulges
  • Fading and Purpling
  • Peeling
  • Damaged car interiors
  • Hot temperature despite aircon blast

Looking for professionals that will remove or replace your window tints are good options you can consider. But if you are on a tight budget or too busy, you can just do it yourself.

The Tools and the Process

#1 Razor Blade

Make a small incision on the corner of the window film using a sharp razor blade. When removing the tint film, be careful on using metallic blades. On plastic windows, non-metallic scrapers work best.

#2 Peel off

Starting from the edge of the window, slowly and carefully peel the tint off. When the film does not go in one piece, use the razor blade while lifting the tint film from the edge. Then resume peeling until it is entirely removed.

#3 Soapy Solution

A soapy mixture can be made by mixing the dishwashing liquid and water in a spray bottle. Afterwards, spray generously on the parts exposed to adhesive.

#4 Sit and Soak

The remaining adhesive can be softened up by letting it sit and soak in the soapy solution you sprayed, and this process will make the next step easier.

#5 Scraping the adhesive residue

In peeling off the leftover adhesive, just use the blade and scrape it. Keeping the glass wet enough will avoid scratches when scraping. Just spray a more soapy mixture when the glass gets dry, and repeat the process until all done.

#6 Cleaning the window

Use a soft cloth with glass cleaner or soapy mixture in cleaning the windows. Avoiding ammonia-based cleaners or abrasive cleaning products will keep your windows safe from scratches.

If you do not have the tools needed or are scared that things might go wrong if it is done on your own, you can rely on the skilled specialists in window tinting Schenectady NY company for quality services.