Change your car tyres to winter tyres before the snow arrives

With winter approaching it is time to prepare to change your car tyres. If you have your tyres stored at a tyre service station it is much easier, as the tyres are already in the right place. You also have less to plan, as you can drive there with little preparations. You can also plan ahead and reserve a date for a tyre change. This is good especially if they don’t have drop in times. This ensures that you don’t forget to change before it gets too late and you can make sure that you select a time when your calendar isn’t too busy.

If your winter tyres are still in good condition, the change can be done quickly. It is though very important that you change the tyres before the first snow arrives. If you have a snowfall before you change tyres, it will be very dangerous to drive, and it is recommended that you refrain from driving. If it is a very early snowfall, the snow will most likely melt within a few days, so you should try to find alternative mode of transportation.

If you have studded tyres you have to respect the dates for when they can be used, while if you have non-studded tyres you can mount them earlier, so that they are already on before the first snow falls. Winter tyres outperform summer tyres at temperatures below zero degrees, so try to change tyres as the night temperatures start to approach zero degrees. With the non-studded tyres you are not breaking any laws by having them on your car too early, but they are still winter tyres and shouldn’t be used during warm summer weather. If you use them during warm conditions, the wear will be higher, but it can be worth it for a week or two to ensure that you have them on your car when the first snow arrives.

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