How to choose tyres that will improve the winter performance of your SUV

Tyre manufacturers have a wide range of tyres that fit a variety of vehicles. You have everything from normal passenger cars, electrical and hybrids, SUVs, vans and trucks. Today you in some countries see almost more SUVs than passenger cars. Part of this growth has been driven by a better safety record of the SUVs. Most people don’t own an SUV for the four-wheel drive but rather for the additional space and in some cases even just because they like the style. There have however been research studies that have shown that SUVs are much safer than sedans. In fact, an SUV driver or passenger is at least 50 percent more likely to survive a car crash without suffering serious injuries than an individual riding in a sedan.

To optimize the performance of your SUV it is important to have premium tyres of good quality. You need to make sure that you match the necessary dimension of the needed tyres. These SUV summer tyres larger and are made to support the heavier SUVs while maintaining excellent handling and stability. SUV tyres often offer “Aramid sidewall technology” which allows for increased protection against impact and cuts, being made up of strong aramid fibers, the same ones that are used in the aerospace industries, rendering the tyres virtually puncture proof.

If living in an area with severe winter weather, you might consider SUV winter tyres. They offer the best grip during winter conditions, both for the studded and non-studded options. The studded tyres are not allowed in all the European countries, despite having the best grip of any tyre. The non-studded tyres are more flexible in that sense, as there are no restrictions on where or when they can be used. They are however optimized for winter conditions and should only be used during the winter season and replaced with summer tyres once the season is over.

You also have the option to use all-weather tyres if you live in an area, where you winters are less severe or frequent. SUV all-weather tyres that a rugged yet a high-performance tyre apt to handle all weather conditions throughout the year with the advantage of the “three peak mountain snowflake “symbol assuring for use on winter roads. The heavier SUVs need good tyres to allow for good grip and traction especially when faced with snow or ice. It allows for great handling and grip no matter what road conditions so you can enjoy safe comfortable handling not matter what the forecast gives. This allows for an enjoyable ride whether on asphalt or snow packed roads. These tyres combine safety and performance for fast driving throughout the year.

Whether you are choosing SUV all-weather tyres or dedicated SUV winter tyres, studded or non-studded, for the winter, it is important to choose a high-performing tyre if you want to get the most out of your SUV. If you do choose winter tyres, then make sure that you have them mounted before the winter arrives and then change to summer tyres after it has passed. If you use all-weather tyres, then make sure that you rotate the tyres, when you notice a difference in wear between front and rear tyres of more than 2-3 mm.

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