Improve your car’s summer performance

There are a few ways that you can improve the performance of your car during the summer.  Some of these include what you can do by ensuring that you have the best possible tyres on your vehicle. Make sure that you have high quality premium summer tyres. High quality tyres will have lower rolling resistance and a higher tyre wear, this will lead to substantial savings while you drive versus cheaper tyres.

Make sure that the tyres have sufficient tread depth. The grooves should have a depth of at least 4 mm to ensure that the tyres can give you the necessary properties from the tyres in terms of grip, braking distance and safety. The risk for aquaplaning also increases with low tread depth. The tyre pressure should also be checked during the summer, as the pressure will vary as the temperature varies. Wrong tyre pressure will lead to worse performance of your car, as the tyres will not have its optimal contact area.

Low tyre pressure leads to higher rolling resistance, so you will have higher tyre wear and higher fuel consumption. This can quickly become quite expensive. Since it is very easy to check the tyre pressure and you have the opportunity to check it every time you are at the petrol station to fuel your car. Make sure that you have the correct tyres as per your driving conditions; there are special tyres for off-road use, for high speed rating for very fast cars and for cars that need to carry heavy loads. By matching the tyres with your needs and the driving conditions will increase the performance of the car. High speed 225/50R17 summer tyres are great for fast and powerful cars.

All these factors will add to the overall performance, so don’t neglect any of them.

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