One tire manufacturer is superior to the rest when it comes to winter tires

winter tires

When it comes to winter/snow tires, not all manufacturers have products in this category, as it is a more challenging tire to build tires that can cope with winter conditions. The pioneer within this field is Nokian Tyres that have from they invented the category, been leading it in terms of safety and performance. Developed for best performance in the Finnish winter conditions, which is as harsh as it gets. This has made them the “go-to” winter tires for when you want the best safety, control and grip. The brand Nokian Hakkapeliitta is synonymous with world-class winter tires. If you get a set of these, you know that it will not be any winter conditions that drive you off the road. They have tires for passenger cars, electric cars and hybrids, but also for larger vehicles such as SUVs, vans and light trucks.

The do well also in the big category and have a division of heavy tires for buses, trucks and large equipment used in various industries. They are for example market leader in forestry tires. They do also provide winter tires for some of these bigger vehicles. So, if you see trucks clearing snow at major airports, they may be using tires from Nokian Tyres.

For their normal tire division, they make the full range of tires from all-season tires, all-weather tires and winter tires. The winter tires are available both as non-studded and studded tires. They have over 100 patents when it comes to winter tires, which is due to the constant development and excessive testing of winter tires in all different conditions. They have been able to develop non-studded tires that have excellent grip on ice even though they don’t have metal studs. This is done through adding gripping particles to the tread as well as having a unique and partially patented tread pattern. This allows the tires to have similar grip on ice and snow as the studded tires.

These tires you can use even on electric or hybrid cars as they have added canola oil that combined with the natural rubber provides excellent tear strength. This provides them with very good wear resistance and also ensures good resistance to impacts and punctures. Electric cars are known for having higher wear due to the heavier battery packs, but also that they provide a higher direct torque, so this requires tires that can handle the higher wear. These tires will provide you with that, so that you can use them freely regardless of what type of car you are driving.

They also provide you with a low rolling resistance, so that you will have low fuel consumption when you drive. For gas-powered cars, this will mean less frequent stops at the gas station and for electric cars means that you can get further on every charge. Both these will also save you money while you drive during the whole lifetime of the tire.

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