Select tyres that give you grip and stability for safe driving during winter and spring

When driving during spring and later part of the winter season you need to have tyres that can provide good grip and stability. Both these will keep you on the road and make sure that you don’t spin out of control. Driving in these conditions is difficult because the snow is often wet and you have a lot of slush present.

The tyres that should be used if you have winter conditions such as snow and slush are tyres that are approved for winter use. Here you have the option of using the traditional winter tyres or then all-season tyres. For the traditional winter tyres, you have either studded tyres or non-studded ones. The studded have some more restrictions and are not allowed to be used in every country and for those countries that do allow them, they often are restricted in terms of period that they can be used.

The tyre selection will be based on which are you live in, where the more north you live the more likely you are to need winter tyres and the more south you can manage with all-season tyres if you need winter tyres at all. If you are not likely to experience any winter conditions then you can use your summer tyres all-year round. If you have some limited winter conditions then the all-season tyres will be a good tyre for your vehicle. For areas with long and proper winters, the winter tyres are the ones that should be used.

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