The best 205/55R16 winter tires for your car

205/55R16 winter tires

When you are about to purchase new tires for your car, you should start with knowing which dimension of winter tires that you are looking for. If you have checked on your current tires what the dimension is or checked in the owner’s manual, you can then visit a tire shop or then search for the dimension online. If you have found out that you have tires of the dimension 205/55R16, then you can search for 205/55R16 winter tires, or if you even know if you want studded or non-studded you can even add that to the search and go for 205/55R16 studded tires of 205/55R16 non-studded tires.

An internet search on those words should generate a good list of available winter tires for that dimension. Then you just have to make an informed decision based on those candidates. Checking tire tests tend to be a really good way to get additional unbiased information regarding the performance of the tires. You should though always check each different parts of the overall tests, as there you can see which parts are relevant to your driving situations. Tests on pure ice might not be as relevant for you as good grip and braking distance on snow. So, the overall judgment of a tire might not be as relevant for you as the key tests that mimic your driving situation the best. Once you find your options you can then just find a tire shop that sells them.

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