Things To Know Before Getting A Fit To Fly Certificate

Fit To Fly Certificate

Many passport health locations across the world are offering fit to fly medical certificates. A fit to fly certificate is required by many airlines and countries in their efforts to keep others from getting infected as operations as well as economies slowly reopen. This document provides you with proof that you received a negative COVID-19 test that was reviewed by a medical professional prior to travel. In most cases, travelers need to take the COVID-19 test within 72 to 96 hours of departure, depending on the airline they will use or the destination that they are going to.

So, what exactly is a fit to fly certificate? It is medical certificate that certifies that the holder of the travel health form has tested negative recently for COVID-19. Keep in mind that fit-to-fly medical certification generally requires travelers to show proof of negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test results up to 72 hours before departure, but this can vary depending on the destination you plan to go to.  There are some countries across the world which require a minimal physical as well, which can include listening to the lungs or a similar non-invasive procedure. It is important to check with your airline or your destination’s governing health or entry agency in advance for specific requirements.

So who exactly needs a fit to fly certificate. This is certificate is required for entry to some the United Kingdom and other countries across the world. You need to check with your airline before departure to find out if a valid certificate will be needed for you to be able to board your plane. Keep in mind that not all airlines may proof for travel, but your destination may need proof on arrival.

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