Tyres that combine high speed and excellent winter properties

It isn’t always easy to find excellent winter tyres for fast vehicles, but the Nokian Snowproof P have been able to fill that void with a set of exceptional tyres that perform well in the conditions that are present in Central Europe. The difference in Central Europe compared to Northern Europe is that the weather is more unstable and you don’t always have the long winters that are common in the north. You also have highways with higher speeds and in some cases no speed limits as you have with Autobahn in Germany. There are also restrictions when it comes to winter tyres whereas the studded tyres aren’t allowed in Germany and Poland.

The use of snow chains are also more common, where you will need to put these on when it is advised or for the roads that require it. Having premium winter tyres will help ensure that you have excellent grip throughout the winter season regardless of weather conditions. The most common choice of winter tyres are the non-studded tyres also known as friction tyres. They are allowed in all the countries as they don’t have the metal studs protruding from the tread which is forbidden in Germany and Poland. This makes the non-studded tyres convenient as you can travel across country borders and they can perform well even when there is no snow on the ground.

You should always have winter tyres on your car when you drive during the winter in areas that have winter weather. If you then have a nice sports car and will still want to enjoy the high speeds while still being ready for the winter, the Nokian Snowproof P are the best choice from the company that first introduced winter tyres 1935 and have been continuously since been the market leader when it comes to developing new and improved tyres. The Nokian Snowproof P exhibit high-performance handling and reliable and controlled winter grip. They are even excellent on handling when it comes to slush, which is common when you have wet snow, that can happen also when it starts to rain when you have snowy roads. Here it is important to prevent slushplaning in the same way that you want to prevent aquaplaning. The tread has to be optimized for ensuring that the slush is moved to the sides of the tyres or then that it is stored in the depth of the tread to ensure that your tyre will remain in contact with the road surface.

The fact that they are approved for winter use means that they have the alpine symbol indicating that they have passed the performance criteria during the tests and they don’t just have the M+S marking, which is just a marking that tyre manufacturers put on the tyres to indicate that the tread can handle heavy solids such as snow and mud. This is no real indication for how well they will perform on winter conditions where you have snow, ice and slush.



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