When you select SUV winter tyres you need to get the correct tyre dimension

Tyre selection is always very important as tyres play a significant role in the safety when you drive and even more so if you drive a heavy vehicle in harsh winter conditions. Since SUVs are both larger and heavier than normal passenger cars, the tyres will have to be able to both carry the higher load but will also need to provide sufficient grip to get this heavy vehicle to a quick stop when you need it to avoid accidents. Braking distance and handling in corners will be very important so that you can stay on the roads and avoid accidents in winter conditions. For this you will need premium SUV winter tyres, with or without studs.

Tyre dimensions will be larger than normal tyres and you will probably need tyres of a dimension like 225/65R17 winter tyres or 225/65R17 winter tyres. You can search the option that you need on the internet and evaluate the options that are available for your size of SUV. In addition to can check the different tyre tests performed by various motor magazines to see what tyres have the best rating for the conditions that are similar to your area. You might also have to select between studded or non-studded tyres depending on where you live and what options you feel would fit best for you. They area both good and safe options if you look at the premium segment of tyres.

For more information regarding finding the correct tyre dimension for your SUV, visit: https://www.nokiantyres.com/

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