Why winter tyres are a good choice even for SUVs

Using winter tyres when driving in winter conditions is a good choice even for SUVs. This is because the winter tyres hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem signifying that they have passed stringent performance tests in winter conditions. This is different than the M+S marking that tyre manufacturer can put on their tyres to indicate that the tread is designed deep and loose surfaces such as muddy and snowy roads. It doesn’t indicate how well the tyres can manage these conditions or if they become hard at low temperatures due to the rubber compound being optimized for warm temperatures.

It is very important even for SUVs and possible even more so as they are a much heavier than passenger cars and need to rely on good traction to be able to brake. It is actually very important for electric cars, hybrids and SUV as they all are much heavier vehicles. When you use winter tyres, then make sure to always use them on all 4 wheels and not trying to use only 2 wheels of winter tyres, as you will need to have good grip all around the car to ensure good grip and stability when driving. Without good control over your vehicle, the winter driving will become even more difficult.

If you need studded tyres on a SUV or if you can manage with modern non-studded tyres will depend on a few factors. It basically depends on what kind of driving you will be doing, where you live and what kind of weather conditions you will be encountering. Nothing can beat the grip and traction, especially lateral traction, that a studded winter tyre can give. Basically, the studded tyres like the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV uses high quality studs that give exceptional grip and traction especially lateral traction which helps you remain in control of your car even on black ice. There is one big drawback with the studded tyre and that is noise and the increase in rolling resistance. This is something that is becoming less of a problem as new technologies like the Nokian “eco stud system” emerge. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV tyres also have an especially formulated compound underneath the studs to help reduce the noise. So, to summarize, deciding to buy studded or non-studded tyres you need to consider where you live, what you drive, and your comfort level driving on snow and ice.

If in the market for non-studded tyres, then the Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT3 is an excellent tyre with its increased tread depth of 13.5 mm – 14.5 for heavier vehicles like light trucks. These tyres offer more durability and better mileage. This tread design helping improve stability and steering response. The new arrow-shaped pattern features deeper grooves for added slushplaning resistance and self-cleaning capability when driving in deep snow. Winter tyres are usually made of rubber compounds that remain flexible and soft even in very cold winter temperatures. So, whether you decide upon studded or non-studded winter tyres for your SUV it remains the best choice in cold weather conditions. Whether you choose studded or non-studded tyres the winter, dedicated winter tyres remain the best performing tyres for your SUV in the winter.

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